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Bundle your library with Rollup

Frontwerk uses RollupJS under the hood to bundle multiple Javascript files into a final output, such as a library.

Default configuration

You can run the following command and have Rollup bundle your Javascript.

frontwerk build --bundle

The above command assumes you have structured your project to have a src folder where your Javascript lives and a dist folder where the compiled versions will be written to. Furthermore, your entry point is a src/index.js file.

By default, Rollup will use the following configuration and output multiple files: esm, cjs, umd, umd.min.

module.exports = {
  input: 'src/index.js',
  output: {
    filepath: 'dist',
    format: 'es', // or any of the formats above
    name: 'MyApp', // the name property from your package.json capitalised and camelcased
    external: {}, // your package's peerDependencies
    globals: {}, // your package's peerDependencies capitalised and camelcased
    plugins: [
      nodeResolve({ preferBuiltins: false, jsnext: true, main: true }),
      commonjs({ include: 'node_modules/**' }),
        exclude: 'node_modules/**',
        presets: [], // if you are also using the default .babelrc config
        babelrc: true

Overriding the defaults

There are two possible ways to create your own Rollup config.

  1. Create a file named rollup.config.js in your project root.
  2. Pass a --config argument with your build task.

If you don't know how to create a rollup.config.js file, please have a read on the RollupJS website.

Because Frontwerk's default rollup.config.js exports a configuration object, you can extend it in your own config file.

const { rollup: rollupConfig } = require('frontwerk/config');
module.exports = Object.assign(rollupConfig, {
  // your overrides here

CLI options

There are a couple of other sensible defaults that you can override:

  • --watch will watch the files for changes and rebundle as needed
  • --no-clean will not clean the dist directory before bundling