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Linting with ESLint

Frontwerk uses ESLint under the hood to lint your javascript files.

Default configuration

You can run the following command and have ESLint lint your Javascript.

frontwerk lint

The above command will format every js in your root, recursively, including any files inside node_modules. It is advisable to create a .eslintignore file in your project root and exclude at least node_modules.

By default, Frontwerk will use the following ESLint presets and plugins:



Additional rules

Any additional rules can be found in the default config.

Note that any args you pass to frontwerk lint will be forwarded to eslint.

Overriding the defaults

Frontwerk follows ESLint's way of creating configuration and ignore files.


There are three possible ways to extend or create your eslint config.

  1. Create a file named .eslintrc or .eslintrc.js in your project root.
  2. Have an eslintConfig property in your package.json.
  3. Pass a --config argument with your lint task.

You can override the default config by creating an .eslintrc.js or .eslintrc file and either by extending the default or completing replacing it with your own.

  "extends": "./node_modules/frontwerk/eslint.js",
  "rules": {}


  "extends": "google"

You can also add a property eslintConfig to your package.json and extend or replace the defaults there.

  "eslintConfig": {
    "extends": "./node_modules/frontwerk/eslint.js"

Another way to do it is by passing a --config flag to your frontwerk lint task with a path to a file to use as a configuration file.

  "scripts": {
    "lint": "frontwerk lint --config ./myconfig.js"


There are three possible ways to create your own eslint ignore.

  1. Create a file named .eslintignore in your project root.
  2. Pass a --ignore-path argument with your lint task.
  3. Have an eslintIgnore property in your package.json.

Note that eslintignore is coincidentally ignored, so until this issue is resolved, please pass the eslint ignore as allowed by eslint's configuration.


By default, Frontwerk will look for and lint all the JS files in your root, recursively, ignoring whatever is passed in the ignore. In order to override this behavior, you can simple add the files as an argument to your lint task.

  "scripts": {
    "lint": "frontwerk lint ./source/**/*.js"

Please note that if you do not have an eslintignore file, it is recommended that you pass a directory of files to lint, because your root also includes a node_modules folder that contains quite a few files. You want to avoid linting those.


By default, Frontwerk will use cache and store the info about processed files in order to only operate on the changed ones. You can of course override this behavior as well:

  "scripts": {
    "lint": "frontwerk lint --no-cache"

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